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    Pierre Bouvier's Biography


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    Pierre Bouvier's Biography

    Post  Rockangel99 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:52 am

    The Basics

    Name: Pierre Bouvier
    Birth Name: Pierre Charles Bouvier
    Nickname: Popsicle Pete, Spicy Salmon, Sexy Boy, PB,Captain Pierre,Rock Bouvier
    Date of birth: May, 9, 1979
    Place of birth: Montreal
    Instrument: Vocal Cords…he can also play Bass and guitar
    Height: 5'11"
    Eyes: Brown
    Glasses or contacts: No
    Hair color: Black
    Piercings: None
    Tattoos: He has an SP on his right ankle
    Brothers/Sisters: 2 brothers Jay and Jonathan
    Parents: Real and Louise
    Shoe size: 9


    Fav. Color: Black and Blue
    Fav. Number: 9
    Why: My Birthday
    Fav. Food: Sushi
    Fav. Bands: Good Charlotte, The Beach Boys, Blink 182, New Found Glory
    Fav. Movie: Back To The Future, The Matrix, American Beauty
    Fav. TV show: Friends
    fav.Boy Band: Backstreet Boys
    Fav. Video game: Tony Hawk Pro Skater II
    Fav. Book: 1984 by George Orwell and 1 to 4 Harry Potter books
    Fav. Concert: NOFX, Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole, Trigger Happy - Montreal 1994
    Edge Fest II Toronto: Blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World
    Fav. Magazine: Victoria Secret's catalogue
    Fav. Actor: Jim Carrey
    Fav. Actress: Julia Roberts
    Fav. Superhero: Wolverine
    Favorite cheese: cheddar
    fav.Color of socks: white
    fav.Quote from a movie: allrighty then
    fav.Candy: raspberry lollipop
    fav.Day of the Week: Friday
    Fav. Clothing company: Role Model
    Fav. Skateboard company: Zero
    Fav. Skateboarder: Rodney Mullen
    Fav. Sport: Snowboarding
    Fav. Fast Food: Taco Bell
    Fav. Animal: Britney Spears
    Fav. Cartoon: The Simpson’s... I know.... Cliché..... but what can I say.... it's funny because it's true
    Fav. Restaurant: St Hubert Barbecue!
    Fav. Alcohol: Jack Daniels
    Favorite Beverage: ice tea
    Favorite Ride: ?
    Favorite Boy Band Member: ?
    Favorite Toothpaste: Aquafresh
    Favoriote Cologne: AE
    Favorite WOMEN's Perfume: ?
    Favorite Flower: Lilly's
    Favorite holiday: Christmas
    favorite song to perform: depends on my mood...probably addicted

    pick one

    Mullet or Mohawk: Mohawk, mullets are sooo wack
    English or French: both....Frenglish
    Chocolate or vanilla ice cream: Chocolate vanilla twist
    Hugs Or Kisses: Kisses
    Having sex or making music: Making music while having sex
    Sport to watch: Football
    Boxers or briefs: Boxers
    Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Jell-O
    Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
    Blanket or Stuffed Animal: stuffed animal
    emails or telephone calls: E-mails
    Sleeping or awake: Sleeping
    Winter or summer: Summer
    Britney or Christina: neither
    Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
    Hanson or Dixie Chicks: Dixie Chicks
    peanut or plain: peanut
    Devil or Angel: Angel
    Speedo or bathing suit: Speedo... definitely..... it just feels so snug!
    Girls or guys: Girls rule the world


    Word or Phrase: fuck yeah
    Guilty Pleasure: Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookies dough ice cream
    Previous Job: Cook in a chicken restaurant
    Ultimate place to live: Somewhere hot on the beach with big waves
    Pets: 4 dogs (Sunny, Misha, Zack, Zoe) and 1 fish (Fishy)…and he got another dog Molly in December 03’ with his girlfriend
    5 words to describe yourself: Everything a girl could want!!!
    Now just describe yourself: Sweet, sexy, witty, romantic, funny…
    Most embarrassing moment: Maybe the moment you read my last answer/Being caught wearing women’s panties
    Weirdest word: sphincter
    Scariest Moment: Every time I turn the lights off before I go to bed
    Best band moment: Next Thursday...sold out Opera house
    Biggest turn on/off: Girls with fashion/girls who don’t shower

    ((Questions specific for pierre:))

    what is theCraziest thing you ever done: I ate a banana that wasn’t quite ripe...that was really crazy!!
    Wich animal would you want to be: a monkey, hey everybody loves monkeys!!
    What is the worst place you've been: ?
    What is the best place you've been: Japan
    One thing you wish you NEVER bought: nothing
    What is the most dangerous thing you've done: Sky dove
    Who is your celebrity crush: None
    How often do you shave: 1,3, or 4 Days
    What sports did you play as a kid: soccer, hockey, baseball, and football
    What is your BIGGEST accomplishment: Simple Plan
    Do you drink tea: Yes
    How long before a show do you warm up you voice: 15 Minutes
    What is your best memory with Simple Plan: Japan
    what is the most Stupid gift received: a box of condoms
    describe Your perfect girl: Sweet, honest, thoughtful, bed, crazy but sweet with a big heart, blonde hair and blue eyes
    what is your Most Embarrassing stage moment: in my first band.... we were playing a song and we screwed it up so bad that we had to stop and start over again
    What do you really think of the guys: I think they all suck and they're all assholes. Lol just kidding. I can honestly say that they're my best friends
    If you were a girl, which band member would you think is the hottest: Seb
    When was the last time you lied: answering the next question
    Do you have a girlfriend: I don’t know
    Best/Craziest thing a fan ever done for you: Go on much music with a huge sign and harass a VJ 'til he put him on TV
    Have you ever killed anyone: If no, who would you like to kill? If yes, who did you kill: no...Well..... Kind of.... but..... Uuuuum..... Never mind.
    Ever been toilet papering: What!?
    Been drunk: Yes
    What can't you live without: Sex
    Tell me a short joke: Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: Who cares...
    What do you think of Ouija boards: very real and very scary
    Which single store would you choose to max your credit card: Wal-mart
    What's your most embarrassing moment: every time I take my pants off.
    Did you ever have really long hair, or a mullet: yes... long hair
    Do you find it easier to pick up chicks when you talk French to them: I never tried it..... Maybe I should.
    Tell us something no one knows about each band member: David talks to the devil in his sleep, Jeff is a flirt, Chuck is really a woman , Seb has a huge dick…and wer'e all gay!
    Say something nice to us in French: Quand je regarde dans tes yeux, c'est comme voir pour la premiere fois la pleine lune qui reflete sur l'ocean comme une infinite de petites etoiles filantes....
    What's the best part of being in Simple Plan: playing shows where you know the crowd is loving it and is going nuts! And meeting the fans too.
    Do you think you’re a good singer: I’m ok, I think I can sing my songs well but I don’t think I'm amazing..... I still take lessons when I can cause I still have a lot to learn.
    Which High school did you go to: College Beaubios
    Have you ever wore women’s clothes: Yes
    What’s the weirdest thing you have done when you were bored: Jerking off while driving a delivery truck
    If you could play Twister with anyone who would it be: Mini-Me because I would win for sure

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see:
    Pierre: me
    Seb: Shy
    David: crazy
    Chuck: Work
    Patrick: Jokes
    Groupie: ?
    Fan: Pictures
    Good Charlotte: Friends

    things about pierre you probly didnt know....

    He was the lead singer of the band Reset up until 1999.

    He co owns a clothing company called Rolemodel Clothing with Simple Plan's Drummer Chuck Comeau and the bands Videographer Patrick Langlois.

    He has a dog called Delilah. She is named after the song "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's.

    What the guys say about Pierre

    **On Pierre**

    Jeff: Pierre is laughing around. Being funny, party guy. Just easy going, sociable guy.
    David: This guy will do anything for a party. He is, I think he definetly is the party animal. He's jsut really, I don't know, really happy. And he knows how to have fun.
    Chuck: I've known Pierre for like the past 11 years, and um the fact that we're still friends is beyond me. I love the guy to death. He's an amazing talent. He's one of the, he's an amazing song writer. He just comes up with ideas all the time, I truely admire how gifted he is. The coolest shit I did in my life, was with Pierre. Whether it was our first band, or this band right here. And I'm fucking just proud to call hiim my friend.
    Seb: If I wanna watch a movie, we're always gonna wanna watch the same movie. If I wanna go eat somewhere, we're always gonna eat at the same place. It's just the little stuff, ya know, we really get along. He just likes to have a good time. I really like to hang out with Pierre.

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