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    Chuck Comeau's Biography


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    Chuck Comeau's Biography

    Post  Rockangel99 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:02 am

    (the basics)

    Name: Charles André Comeau
    Nickname: Chuck, Chuckles
    Date of Birth: September, 17, 1979
    Place of Birth: Montreal
    Current residence: Suitcase
    Instrument: Drums…can also play Guitar
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 140 pounds
    Shoe Size: 9
    Eyes: Green-Brown
    Glasses/Contacts: Yup…mostly wears contacts
    Hair color: Brown
    Right or Left handed: Right
    Piercing: None
    Tattoos: None ( Im scared its gonna hurt)
    Brothers/Sisters: 1 brother, Louis, 20
    Sign: Virgo
    Hometown: Montreal, Qu?bec


    Fav. Color: Black/Baby blue and pink
    Fav. Number: 26 (Why? When i was really young, my favorite hockey player had that number and it kind of stuck)
    Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: OJ
    Fav. Food: Sushi!!!!
    Fav. Bands: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Sugar Ray, the
    Beach Boys, Gun and Roses
    Fav. Movies: That thing you do, Almost Famous, American Beauty, Back to the future I and II, Menace II Society, Chasing Amy
    Fav. TV Show: Wonder Years, Seinfield, Making the band
    Animal: Kangaroos, koalas, huskies, and Zack Pierre's dog
    Fav. Boyband: LFO
    Fav. Video Game: NHL 2001 PS2
    Fav. Books: Drumming for Dummies, Lord of the rings, The ICE opinion by ICE-T, anything by M. Kundera/"1984" by George Orwell.
    Fav. Concert: NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, Face to Face, Trigger Happy- Montreal 1994, Pearl Jam and the Dough boys - Montreal 1992,
    Blink 182 with Unwritten Law - Montreal 1998
    Fav. Magazine: Rolling Stones/ Alternative Press
    Fav. Actors: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, John Favreau
    Fav. Actress: Katie Holmes
    Fav. Superhero: Batman
    Fav. Animal: Kangaroo, Koala, Husky and Pierre's dog Zack
    Fav. Cartoon: The Simpson’s
    Fav. Cheese: Parmesan
    Favorite Ride: ?
    Favorite Boy Band Member: LFO/David from Simple Plan
    Favorite Toothpaste: Crest
    Favorite Cologne: Happy Clinque
    Favorite WOMEN's Perfume: Cool Water
    Favorite Flower: Orchip
    Fav. Songs: Wow...that's hard...I love so many songs but I'll try: American Jesus by Bad Religion, Going Away to College by Blink-182, Wrong Side of the Tracks by Strung Out, At Your Funeral by Saves The Day, Can I Get a by Jay-Z, Falling in Love by NOFX, anything by No Use For a Name, Lag Wagon, Face To Face,...
    Fav. Candy: Skittles
    Fav. Restaurant: Any place that has sushi
    Fav. Sport: Hockey, skateboarding (I suck but I love to watch)
    Favorite holiday: Christmas
    fav.Video Game : NHL 2001 PS2
    Fav. Clothing company: Role Model Clothing, and Atticus Clothing
    Fav. Skateboard Company: Vision, Santa Cruz.
    Fav. Skateboarder: Tony Hawk (cuz he's in our video...and cuz he rules...)
    fav.Sport to watch: Football, hockey
    fav.Word or Phrase: What's up fruitboy?
    fav.Quote from a movie: "I'm gay!!" (Almost Famous)
    fav.Day of the Week: Saturday
    favorite place to perform: Toronto and Montreal.
    favorite song to perform: Addicted, Just A Kid, Worst Day Ever.
    fav.Color of socks: White (don't make fun, I know girls don't like them but I do), gray and black


    Drums : OCDP drums.
    Heads : Evans drum heads.
    Cymbals : Zyldjian cymbals.
    Sticks : Pro-Mark drum sticks

    pick one:

    Boxers or briefs : Boxers
    Hugs or kisses : Hugs
    Chocolate or vanilla ice cream : Vanilla
    E-mail or Phone : Both
    Winter or summer: Summer
    Sleeping or awake: Awake.
    Speedo or bathing suit: Unfortunately for all the girls, I wear a bathing suit, not a Speedo. Maybe one day...
    Girls or guys: GIRLS
    Britney or Christina: Britney
    Coke or Pepsi: Coke (Tough choice...pepsi because of britney spears and coke for the taste.. but honestly, milk is better. )
    Hanson or Dixie Chicks: Dixie Chicks
    peanut or plain: peanut
    Devil or Angel: Angel
    Relationships or one night stands? I plead the 5th amendment


    Phrase : What's Up
    Guitly pleasure : Hip Hop I love hip-hop so much! Nelly, Jay-Z, you guys rap!
    Previous Job: Writer for a music magazine
    Ultimate place to live: Los Angeles
    Pets: None
    Describe yourself: Ugly, lame, poor musician
    Most embarrassing moment: Any time I mess up, I run to the front and say 'Hey my name is Chuck. I'm the drummer and I just messed up.' Everybody cheers and it's okay.
    Musical influences: No use for a name, Ten Foot Pole, Strung Out, Blink 182, Lagwagon, The Beatles, MXPX, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Elvis Costello, ...the list goes on and on..

    ((Questions specific for chuck:))

    Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes. Very
    What can't you live without: My cell phone and my 2-way pager
    Last CD you listened to: Papa Roach.
    How did the band start: 5 best friends just got together and started to play!
    Who do you think is the "leader" of the band: I think the 5 of us all bring tons of leadership to the table.
    What's the best part of being in Simple Plan: Meeting tons of rad people and making new friends at the shows.
    When did you get your first set of drums: What kind: I got my first when I was 12 years...10 years ago. It was the cheapest Yamaha kit in the whole world...It was so ghetto...I was using 2 bass drums just because I couldn't find the right stand to hold my tom.
    What High school did you go to: I went to Beaubois High School on the West Island of Montreal.
    Were you popular in high school: I don't think I was really popular...I had a couple of great friends like Pierre but I couldn't hook up with girls at was pretty pathetic.
    Where you in any bands before "Simple Plan" and what were their names: I was in a band called Reset with Pierre for about 5 years.
    What is the worst place you've been: none
    What is the best place you've been: Asia/NYC
    What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done: Reverse Bungee
    Who is your celebrity crush: Mandy Moore
    What is the weirdest thing a fan has done: ?
    What sport did you play as a kid: hockey
    What is your BIGGEST accomlpishment: Simple Plan
    Have you ever worn women’s clothes? Not yet.
    Tell me a short joke: I'm good in Bed
    Been toilet-papering: No
    Been drunk: I was never drunk in my whole life...I’m the most boring guy on earth
    What do you think of Ouija boards: It seems pretty stupid
    Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs: Hanging out with my friends at a rad show
    Which single store would you choose to max your credit card: Hustler store, Bell store
    If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be: That guy from American Pie who's going out with Katie Holmes.
    Juicy tidbits about your band members: I'm a true friend...I don't reveal secrets...i don't like to embarrass them
    How do you eat an Oreo: I just eat it
    What's the next CD you're going to get: Box Car Racer
    What is the weirdest thing you have ever done when you were bored: Go to and read post about how we suck and how we deserve to die because of the music we play. I find it really entertaining
    If you were a secret agent, what would your name be? Funky C
    What are you wearing right now? Dickies shorts, atticus shirt, and puma shoes
    What was the last thing you ate? Chocolate milk
    What contact resolution do you use: Reno
    What prescription are your eyes: I'm blind.. -5
    Are you really NOT afraid of the world: Yes
    What is your best memory with Simple Plan: Japan

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see:
    Pierre: Friendship
    Seb: Nice
    David: Hot
    Chuck: Sexy
    Patrick: Awesome
    Groupie: Opportunity
    Fan: -----
    Good Charlotte: -----

    things about chuck you probly didnt know....

    Studied Law at McGill University in Montreal, but left to pursue a music career.
    Co-writes the songs for Simple plan
    He co-owns a clothing company called Rolemodel Clothing along with Simple Plans lead singer Pierre Bouvier and Simple Plan's Videographer Patrick Langlois.
    Chuck still lives with his parents (as of the Idobi radio interview, around Jan/Feb '03).
    He speaks French (duh).
    He is a technology freak. He's on the computer a lot. He even thanked Windows Media Player and Real Player for the idobi interview.
    He doesn't drink (as much as the other guys do). He only drinks occasionly.
    He played the piano when he was younger.
    He started playing drums seriously when he was 13 or so.
    He used to be in a band called Reset with Pierre and this other dude with long hair.
    Chuck went to Beaubois High School in Montreal, Canada. So did Pierre, Seb and Jeff.
    He wears contacts/glasses.
    At a concert in Detroit, a fan threw a glass bottle towards the scene and Chuck received it in the face. He had to play the whole show with his face full of blood. After the concert they went to the hospital and Chuck had 4 stiches.
    On September 27th 2002, at the Musique plus show (the one for “the artist of the month”), the guys received their first Gold award for sales of over 50,000 records in Canada !!!
    Pierre and Chuck are writing most of the lyrics.
    Chuck who pretended to be the band's agent, and told different record labels to take into this new group -- Simple Plan.
    Chuck uses hair gel on his hands when performing so he doesn't lose his drumsticks.
    Patrick and Chuck was nominated in the 2004 Juno Awards for the SP DVD 'A Big Package for You'.
    Chuck helped out with producing the DVD, he is listed on as the director, producer, Art Direction, Concept

    What the Guys say abiut Chuck

    **On Chuck**

    David: Let's talk about Chuck. Chuck will totally do anything for this band. I know he's always gonna answer the phone at 3 in the morning and that will, and he will always be willing to help me and to see, and to do everything he's got in his power to uh fix the problem or make it easier.
    Jeff: Ya know, Chuck's a very intense person. He's very passionate, he's always on the phone. Always working, but ya know that's very motivating. Just like, I just, being around him just pushes me to, I just, I don't know where he gets all that energy, and all that passion.
    Pierre: He's always like the one to do the mature thing. And he's always the one working and thinking about what we can do to make ourselves better and to just make this band last longer and to be better.
    Seb: He's the one who works hard and that helps this band grow. He's the main reason we're who we are today. But he didn't lose perspective, he still remembers how we were in the beginning. When ever we do something new, or big, or something different he's always gonna go 'guys, do you realize what this means, do you realize where we are right now? just 5 guys still doing what we're doing right now.' And it's like you know what Chuck, you are so freaking right. He always makes us look at the good side of being a band. So, thanks Chuck for always making me look back, and make me appreciate what we're doing. That's crazy.

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