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    you know your obssesed with sp if...


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    you know your obssesed with sp if...

    Post  Rockangel99 on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:23 am

    you know your obssesed with sp if...

    1. Your teacher knows the name of your favourite member..

    2. Your friends call you "SP's girl".

    3. Time for learning changes to the time for singing SP songs.

    4. Your parents are worried.

    5. When you meet a sexy boy/girl, they will be gone in a seconds if they insult SP.

    6. You'd give up a year of your life just to go on tour with them.

    7. You sit and look into the eyes of Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck and Jeff and you look so long, untill you loose the focus.

    8. Your hobbies are Simple Plan.

    9. You'd risk your life, if you'd have to face anybody, who'd say anything bad against SP.

    10. You go nuts, if you hear SP in the radio.

    11. You'd kill anybody, who'd tell you to cope with the fact, that you'll never date them and they will never marry you.

    12. You always think about what are they doing in this very moment.

    13. You speak only in quotes from SP's songs.

    14. You have to remind people, that you saw them on Warped Tour, whenever anybody talks about them.

    15. You spend a lot of time thinking about them, you have strange dreams about them, which refer to your accident on a playground when you were 5.

    16. You forget the colour of the walls in your room, because they are covered in SP posters.

    17. You'd get angry at anybody, who'd claim, that he/she loves them more than you do.

    18. Your friends know you as a SP fanatic.

    19. You know the lyrics of all their songs.

    20. You get into a really bad mood, if you don't listen to them for few hours.

    21. You listen to their CD every morning, because it helps you to go through the whole day.

    22. You got the respect for a pink eyeliner.

    23. Your family knows the name and age of each member of SP.

    24. You spend money for a magazine, where is only a little picture of them.

    25. Your best friend loves SP, too (but not as much as you do)

    26. You swear that you favourite member is your best friend!

    27. You won't have a shower at least for a week after a SP concert, just because Jeff has touched you hand.

    28. You've learned how to write "MARRY ME, SEB" in french.

    29. You'd do anything for them.

    30. You have plans for your and HIS wedding.

    31. You are not obsessed... you are in love!!!

    32. You know how to say their names with a typical french accent.

    33. You sit down and read the reasons, why are you obsessed.

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