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    the simple plan foundation


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    the simple plan foundation

    Post  sebby8 on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:13 pm

    About the foundation

    It was in Montreal, on December 2005, at Simple Plan’s first Bell Center show, when the band announced the creation of the Simple Plan Foundation.

    Why a foundation?

    The foundation’s aim is to help young people in need by easing their often difficult passage to adulthood. Since they themselves are young, the band’s members are particularly aware of the problems faced by teenagers. They are even more familiar with these problems as they are in constant touch with their fan base.

    “We started the Simple Plan Foundation as a way to try to give something back to our community and make a difference. After reading hundreds of letters and e-mails from our fans and talking to them at our shows, we know very well how tough life can be for kids growing up. It breaks our hearts to see so many young people fighting to survive while feeling depressed and lost. We want our Foundation to help them find their way and show them that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, that things can get better.

    Being in this band, we also got to meet lots of kids and families dealing with illness. There's nothing more unfair and absurd than seeing a young life ruined by cancer or any other sickness. This subject is extremely close to our hearts because we've had people in our own families that were hit by cancer and got to witness first-hand how devastating this can be and what toll it can have on our loved ones. The Foundation will be there to try and help out families who are going through such tragic events.

    We’ve had the great opportunity of touring the world and meeting all sorts of kids from places far and wide. We’ve also had to see the harsh realities of children living in war torn areas around the world: children who are living in poverty, who are forced into armies, and are suffering from the after effects of war. We believe every child deserves a happy childhood.

    We hope our foundation will be a global foundation that will give back to the world community of children and help them

    deal with their own personal daily struggles. If we can bring a few smiles to these children, we know that would make a world of difference.”, declared the group members.

    The objectives

    The Simple Plan Foundation plans to help needy young people by contributing in the following fields:

    Help the various groups and organisations working with young people facing typical teenage problems: drugs, depression, suicide, poverty, and those effected by war

    Support various social and medical organizations dedicated to helping ill and handicapped children and youths

    Promote musical training in schools as a way of helping young people develop a passion and find a purpose in life

    A structured undertaking

    For the members of Simple Plan, the launching of their foundation answered the need for a better structured social implication; the final outcome is a series of undertakings throughout the years:

    They participated in the effort to help the South East Asia tsunami victims;

    They contributed to MADD (Mothers Against Drinking and Driving) and to RAAD (The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety), as well as to Educ-Alcohol, in an important campaign against drinking and driving;

    They performed at Live8, a planetary event dedicated to heighten public awareness of the problems associated with world poverty;

    They continuously responded to requests issued by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing hope and joy to terminally ill children and teens;

    With Sennheiser, the band brought the concert experience to hearing impaired children across Canada as well as some countries in Europe. With the help of a cochlear implant, children were able to hear sounds from a Simple Plan concert for the first time.

    During the past few months, while working on their third album, Simple Plan continued to participate in various projects in an informal manner. They visited teens and children in hospitals or in special schools and financially helped charitable organizations such as “Le Garde-Manger pour tous”, which is dedicated to promoting healthy feeding habits for the underprivileged. More recently, the contributed an autographed guitar to an auction held by the Jean-Béliveau Foundation.

    How does the Simple Plan Foundation work?

    It goes without saying that the Simple Plan Foundation is primarily constituted by the band members: Pierre Bouvier, vocals, Charles (Chuck) Comeau, drums, David Desrosiers, bass, Sébastien Lefebvre and Jean-François (Jeff) Stinco, guitars. However, since their professional engagements require them to travel frequently, they have set up a managing committee to look after the day to day activities and report to them regularly. Being kept well informed allows them to assume all the important decisions.

    Like any foundation, the Simple Plan Foundation solicits donations from individuals, corporations and organizations who share the same values. Spontaneous donations, particularly via the Web site, are also welcome.

    However, solicitation is not the only way to collect funds. Simple Plan has also negotiated agreements with the various venues where they perform, whereby a percentage of the profits resulting from the sale of merchandise are automatically directed to the foundation at each performance. Simple Plan is also considering developing other merchandise specifically designed for the foundation.

    The organization of benefit events is another interesting means of financing: cocktails, conferences, auctions, shows, etc. And, of course, Simple Plan also intends to perform in order to contribute to its foundation.

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