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    David Desrosiers Biography


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    David Desrosiers Biography

    Post  Rockangel99 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:11 am

    (the basics)

    Name: David Philippe Desrosiers
    Nickname: Ritalin, Dave
    Date of Birth: August 29, 1980
    Place of Birth: Matane or Sep-Iies (I'm not sure which one)
    Current Residence: Montreal (downtown)
    Instrument: Bass & Back Up Vocals…but can also play the guitar and drums
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Mix between green and brown
    Hair color: Brown but most of the time he colors it
    Wear Glasses: in some pictures you can see him with glasses
    Right or Left Hand: Right
    Piercing: Centered Lip Ring, Right Nose, and Ears (left ear pierced twice right ear pierced three times)
    Tattoos: No I'm still pure
    Brothers/Sisters: 1sister, Julie
    Shoe size: 8 1/2 but in converse 7 1/2


    Fav. Color: Black
    fav.Clothing Line: Role Model (even though you NEVER see him wearing it)
    fav.Restaurant: Taco Bell
    Fav. Number: 17(Why: Wishes he was 17 again)
    Fav. Food: Sushi
    Fav. Bands: Papa Roach, American Hi/Fi, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, 22 Jacks, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, Strung Out, Stone Temple Pilot, No Use For A Name, Lag wagon, Goldfinger, Face To Face, Sum 41, Blink 182, Foo Fighters (in no particular order)
    Fav. Movies: Grease, Pump up the Volume
    Fav. TV Show: Wonder Years (I cried so many times watching that show)
    Fav. Boyband: Backstreet Boys
    Fav. Video Game: Pro AM (Nintendo Old School)
    Fav. Book: Kamasutra (borrowed from my sister)
    Fav. Concert: Edgefest 2
    Fav. Magazine: Modern Drummer
    Fav. Actor: Robbin Williams
    Fav. Actress: Drew Barrymore
    Fav. Superhero: Superman
    Fav. Song to play: Worst Day Ever… defiantly
    fav.Sport to watch: Sex (I consider it a sport), Football
    Favorite alcoholic drink: Singapore Sling.
    Favorite Song Ever: Lady Picture show (STP)
    Favorite cheese: Oka...I dunno
    Favorite holiday: Christmas
    Favorite pass time: music
    fav.Kind of car: porshe
    Favorite topping on a toast: peanut butter with bananas


    Basses: Fender precision basses,
    Strings: Dean Markley blue steel 80

    pick one:

    Mullet or Mohawk: Mohawk
    English or French: Frenglish!!
    Montreal or Toronto: Montronto!!
    Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: Vanillate!!
    Having sex or making music: Making music while having sex (if you know what I mean!!)
    Boxers or Briefs: Zebra Boxers
    Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
    Barbie’s or G.I. Joes: Barbie’s
    E-mail or Phone: Phone
    Value village or hot topic: hot topic


    Phrase: Naw
    Guilty Pleasure: Peeing in the shower just relaxes me
    Previous Job: Used to work at McDonalds in Matane
    Ultimate place to live: Hawaii but with the one I love
    Pets: Golden Retriever, Sam the Cutest (R.I.P)
    One word to describe you: Bitch!
    Most embarrassing moment: Being on stage with this band!!
    Scariest Moment: Being on stage with this band!!
    Best Band Moment: Offstage!!!!
    Weirdest word: Poutine
    Worst fear: I really dunno sorry
    First song you kissed too: can't remember
    Ultimate fantasy: make love in whipped cream
    Turn Ons: Hambone, Bubble Tea
    Turn Offs: Cigerattes, Body hair
    Biggest turn on: Doing stuff in public when you can get caught
    Biggest turn off: Getting caught!
    Musical influences: Everything in this world!!! There are just so many!!!

    ((Questions specific for david:))

    what is the Best/craziest thing a fan ever done for you: Nothing really, guys do something!
    what is the Craziest thing you ever done: Drive all the way to California
    Which animal would you want to be: A dog
    Stupid gift received: Pierre once gave me some anal ease!!!
    Your perfect girl: A girl that will love me as much as I would love her
    What do you really think of the guys: I love them all but Pierre's my favorite!!
    What can't you live without: My girlfriend
    If you were a secret agent what would your name be: Nosy Joe
    Most Embarrassing stage moment: Having Jeff by my side!
    Previous bands that you were in: Punk Rock band from Quebec
    Last cd/song you listened to: Revolution but not by the Beatles, covered by STP
    Where is your favorite place to perform: Montreal and Toronto
    How did the band start: I don't know I'm not in the band, they just hired so they look and sound better on stage!!!
    Who do you think is the "leader" of the band: I'd say Patrick because he rules!!!
    What's the best part of being in Simple Plan: Being able to play shows and to meet all of you guys!!!
    Ever been on a blind date: nope never
    Song you'd like to cover: there's so many, probably a Weezer song
    If you ever had to choose between your career, love or friendship which would you choose: Love
    What’s the weirdest thing you have done when you where bored: Watching infomercials and maxing out my credit card buying all that stuff
    If you could play twister with anyone it would be: Katie Holmes
    If you were a girl and were to date a member of the band who would it be and why: No one cause they're all gay.
    Describe your ideal girl (Looks and personality): My girlfriend

    things about david you probly didnt know....

    Is the only member of Simple Plan who did not attend College or Beaubois High School.

    In 2000, he was the lead singer and bassist for Reset. He left after six months when he was asked to join former Reset members, Pierre and Chuck's new band, Simple Plan.
    David took over as the lead singer for the band Reset when fellow Simple Plan member, Pierre Bouvier, quit Reset
    When people told David he was gonna be big. He'd reply, "How? I'm a small guy..."
    David's parents divorced when he was 12
    David loooooves zebra print
    David thinks the food in Alcatraz "SUCKS!"
    There are rumors that David has a crush on Hilary Duff
    David is the second youngest member of Simple Plan (next to Sebastien Lefebvre)
    The rest of the members of SP once locked David in a locker with Avril Lavigne and Theo from GOB
    David was once rumored to be dating Avril Lavigne, but they were only rumors
    At a show once, someone yelled, "Say something in French!!!" and David was the one to step up to the microphone and say a few words in French
    David thinks moms are cool (lmao)
    David never recorded an album with Reset
    It is rumored that the rest of the guys from SP stalked David until he joined the band!
    David's advice for confidence: "Do whatever you want to do, and don't care what people think. If you do, you'll be miserable."
    David likes to skateboard
    David has problems with his spine
    David has ADD
    David looooooves bananas
    David's piercings are 2 in both ears 1 in his lip and 1 in his nose
    During the album photo shoot, a light fell in the bathtub that they were in. Seb, Pierre, and Chuck got out ok, but David was left in the tub and got electrocuted. David says that because of this incident he can now "read women's minds".
    David thinks that girls are constantly thinking about his ass even if they are not thinking about him.
    David thinks he sucks at using pick-up lines
    David swears he saved Pierre's life at the "Welcome To My Life" video shoot
    David screams like a girl in his sleep
    David is rumored to be dating a girl named Luana Church
    David once took over lead vocals at a concert when Pierre was too sick to perform
    David is being rumored to be "hooked up" with Ashlee Simpson (not true)
    David's must-haves on the road???: His ipod, a Notting Hill DVD, A neck pillow, leg spacer, and lumbar for support("for the plane!"), Green Day's American Idiot, Shoes("I like to have a variety")
    David was starstruck when he first met Gwen Stefani. He says he was so in love with her and then she broke his heart!
    According to Seb, David always has his headphones on
    David likes to have a wide variety of shoes
    David has Ashlee Simpson's CD and Hilary Duff's CD
    David can sound like Billie Joe from Green Day
    He plays a right handed bass which means he's right handed
    While doing a photo shoot for THREAT magazine, David started messing around, struck a ballerina pose, and started belting out the chorus to "Love on the Rocks With No Ice: by The Darkness
    David says tattoos hurt even though he's never had any
    David says he likes to jerk off before and after each concert
    When David was young, he gave his girlfriend one of those cheap plastic rings that you can get out of machines

    What the guys say abouut David
    **On David**

    Chuck: I think the best thing about David is that this guy will do anything to make us laugh and to make everyone around laugh. He doesn't care if you never met him, don't know him at all, or what not. He just wants to amke people laugh and make you happy. And I think I truely admire how can entertain himslef and other people with nothing at all. I think it made our tours a lto more fun to have him around. Fucking shit up and pulling his bass around on stage and just being a total idiot.
    Seb: All he does all the time is say jokes,a nd he does nothing else but say jokes, and nothing else but make me laugh. Like if we're on stage he'll just start spitting at Pierre, and like throwing picks at my head. And like if we're off stage, like dude David has the worst jokes ever, but ya know it's always good to have something to laugh at. If its the fact that it's bad, then it's still good. David's just a goofball, total idiot type person, who likes to make people laugh.
    Jeff: He's really ADD, but I think thats the beauty of his personality. He see's something and runs after it, he see's something else and moves on. Ya know, he can't concentrate for more than 3 seconds at a time. You'll get prank calls in the middle of the night and be like 'who's that?' And eventually you'll realize it's David.
    Pierre: He's always the prankster, always trying to make people laugh, and like he's just always pulling pranks on people. And always doing stupid shit that always make me laugh.

    MiSs x

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    Re: David Desrosiers Biography

    Post  MiSs x on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:03 pm

    he's a bitch
    but i likes hem


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