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    Sebastien Lefebvre's Biography


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    Sebastien Lefebvre's Biography

    Post  Rockangel99 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:42 am

    The Basics

    Name: Sebastien Lefebvre
    Birth Name: Sébastien Alexander Lefebvre Pepin
    Nickname: Seb, Sebby
    Instrument:Rhythm Guitar and backgound vocals
    Date of Birth: June 5, 1981
    Place of birth: Montreal, Quebec
    Hometown:Laval, Quebec
    Current Residence: Laval
    Height: 5'8"
    Hair colour: Brown/Light brown
    Eye colour: Blue
    Astrology Sign: Gemini
    Siblings: 1 brother named Jay and 2 sisters
    Piercings: None
    Tattoos: an SP on his right ankle, and the outline of a star on his right arm(not real)
    Right or left hand: Right


    fav.Colour: Blue
    fav.Boy Band: 2gether
    fav.Actors:Kevin Spacey
    fav.Actresses: the old lady in Road Trip & The Wedding Singer
    fav.Superhero: Spiderman
    fav.Movies: American Beauty, Braveheart
    fav.TV Shows:Crocodile Hunter,The Simpsons and Family Guy
    fav.Video Game: Final Fantasy series
    fav.Concert: Warped Tour 1996
    fav.Song off SNGA: Welcome To My Life
    fav.Song off NPNHJB To Play Live: Worst Day Ever
    fav.Song off SNGA To Play Live: Jump - "It has so much energy!"
    fav.Magazine: Any comic book
    fav.Book: Harry Potter series
    fav.Sport: Football
    fav.Food: Tuna Sandwitch, fajitas, spaghetti
    fav.Restaurants: I have no clue... I know: pat's dinning room and I really like St-Hubert’s, a BBQ chicken restaurant andTaco Bell,
    fav.Number: 8. Why: cuz it's funny
    fav.Candy: Cookies
    fav.Day of the Week: Friday
    fav.Quote from a Movie: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
    Fav. Bands: Green Day, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Zebrahead, Good Charlotte..Many More
    fav.Cheese: Cheddar
    Fav. Place to Perform: Toronto and Montreal
    Fav. Song to Perform: 'Addicted'....With all the jumping.
    Fav. Holiday: Everyday is a holiday!
    Fav. Sport: Rollerblading
    Fav. Sport To Watch: Football
    Fav. Color Of Socks: Black, Grey, and White
    Fav. Gum: Sugarfree Gum
    Fav. Thing To Do With Your Hands: Play with something.
    Fav. Thing To Say: "It's All Good"
    Fav. Clothing Company: Atticus, Role Model, and Hell Heaven
    Fav. Animal: The crocodile
    Fav. Cartoon: The Simpsons
    Fav. Quote or Buzz Word: There he is!
    Fav.Kind of car: I like them Audi’s
    Fav. topping on a toast: Nutella
    Fav. Songs: ... this question is always too hard to answer
    Fav. Song (SP): Worst Day Ever
    Fav. Skateboard Company: I don't skate
    Fav. Skateboarder: Tony Hawk
    Fav. Alcohol: I would have to say gin
    Fav. pass time: replying e-mails
    Fav. Original Nintendo game: Final fantasy
    fav.Sport to watch: Football


    Guitars: Framus renegade and panthera model;
    Amps: Framus Dragon Amp;
    Strings: Daddario XL-140s light top, heavy bottom;
    Pickups:Seymour Duncan;
    Cables: Planet Waves cables.

    pick one:

    Boxers or Brief: Boxers
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
    Hugs or Kisses: Hugs
    Barbie’s or G.I.Joes: legos!
    E-mail or Phone Calls: E-mail
    Coke or Pepsi: Neither
    Mud or Jell-O Wrestling: Mud
    Blanket or Stuffed Animal: Blanket
    Relationships or one-night stands: Relationships
    Winter or Summer: Summer
    Sleeping or Awake: Awake
    Girls or Guys: Girls..(I hope he isn't lying)
    Blanket or Stuffed Animal: Blanket
    Speedo or bathing suit: Bathing suit


    Phrase: "It's all good."
    Previous Day Job: Janitor at his high-school
    Guilty Pleasure: Making fun of people in a nice way,Talking on the phone until 4:00 in the morning.
    Ultimate Place To Live: Disney World
    Still Not Getting Any.. Sleep!
    Describe Yourself: Shy... get it?
    5 words to describe you: A guy in a band
    Prized posessions: My Air Jordan wrist band
    Turn on about a girl: Eyes and smile
    Turn offs about a girl:Girls that are in a bad mood.
    Turn Off: Rude people
    Pets: none...
    Worst fear: Going on stage naked.
    First song you kissed too: 'When I Come Around'
    Ultimate Fantasy: That is PG-13
    Most embarrassing moment: When the gear stops workin' for no reason…and telling people my worst job
    Best band moment: every show, every day
    Musical Influence: For sure all the punk bands on Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph...and of course Green Day.

    ((Questions specific for sebastien:))

    What can't you live without: My friends
    When did seb get his first guitar: almost 7 years ago
    What kind? Yamaha
    What is the weirdest thing you have ever done when you were bored: Watch a whole season of Alias in one day
    If you could play Twister with anybody who would it be: Marilyn Monroe with a ventilation fan blowing full force
    Which High school did seb go to: Beaubois high
    How popular were you in school: Regular kid
    Have you been in any bands before Simple Plan...and what were there names: Yep, I had a garage band called "We'd eat her"
    Been toilet-papering? No
    Contact Lenses? No
    did you ever have Long hair? Used to
    What do you think of Ouija boards? It's funny
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In the future
    Which single store would you choose to max your credit card? Future shop
    If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be? Brad Pitt:good career, good-looking guy, beautiful wife, great at what he does
    Juicy tidbits about your band members? It's true, Chuck's favourite color really is pink!
    What can't you live without? My friends
    If you were a secret agent, what would your name be? 00 Seb
    What are you wearing right now? Blue dropout t-shirt, blue dickies, b/w adidas shoes
    What was the last thing you ate? Dinner
    How do you eat an Oreo? In my mouth
    Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes
    Tell me a short joke: Knock knock?
    what is the Nicest thing a fan has ever done for you: Hang out after the show
    what is theBest moment of your life: Every day for the past couple of years
    Place that he'd never been in and would love to go: Africa
    Who is the leader in the band? Puckeffideb! *i'm geussing that's a mix of them all?*
    Top 5 cds: jimmy eat world-clarity, green day- dookie, blink 182- enema of the state, bjork-vespertine, this is sooooo hard, i don't know what to put, there are so many that are good
    Have you ever worn womens clothes: I don't think so...
    If you ever had to choose between your career, love or friendship which would you choose: Right now, I guess career...but my friends understand that...and if I was in love, she would have to understand that too.
    If you were a girl and were to date a member in the band, who would it be and why: Pierre, because he pays for everything.
    If you could do anything without having to pay the consequences what would you do: Die!
    What's the best part of being in Simple Plan?: Spending so much time with my best friends!
    Dream concert...with what bands? Probably Blink 182

    things about sebastien you probly didnt know....

    Seb has no middle name
    Name: Sebastien
    Meaning: Friend
    Origin: French
    Seb used to have long hair. (I wonder how he looked like.. lol!)
    Seb is the youngest member of the band.
    Chuck and Seb live two streets away from each other.
    Seb went to Polytechnique, an engineering college in Montreal but later on he dropped out to focus fully on Simple Plan.
    Seb learned to play guitar by watching Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.
    Seb used to be a janitor at his high school, meaning he used to wash his school toilets too! He hated his job anyway.
    Pierre, Chuck, and Seb all went to the same high school.
    Sebastien hates rollercoasters.
    During concerts, Sebastien sometimes throws guitar picks at Pierres head.
    Sebastien has a higher voice when he sings.
    Although he acts sweet and innocent, Sebastien has a wild side!
    It is very common to find Sebastien with his tongue out in pictures.
    Sebastien finds joy in other peoples bad luck.
    Sebastien is very squeamish.
    Sebastien is the only member of the band with blue eyes.
    Sebastien has a tattoo on his lower leg that says SP. The star one wasn't real.
    Seb is also in Man Of The Hour
    Sebastien has had his hair red, blue, green, striped, blonde and brown in the past four years with Simple Plan!
    His Father, Jean works in human resources.
    His Mother, Lorraine is a psychologist.
    Sebastien suffers from spasms from time to time. In the DVD or enhanced CD, he is sleeping on the couch and shaking. In the DVD when they are recording Scooby-Doo, his arm starts to shake and jerk

    What the guys say about Seb

    **On Seb**

    Chuck: He is probably the nicest human being that I've ever met in my life.
    Pierre: He is always the person you can go talk to. He's always nice.
    Jeff: He's always laughing the whole time, you know. He's got a big smile on the whole time.
    David: Sebastien is the sweet one. You can not not like him

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